Bible Reading

Everyone is different and we encourage you to do what works best for you when it comes to a Bible reading plan. The key is that you aren’t just reading to check off a box, but that you are taking time to soak it in and allowing the Word to speak to you.

There are many different Bible reading plans available on the internet, but here is a link to the Ready, Set, Go plan we are currently using at DFC.  Daily Bible Reading Plan


We’ve found that when you journal you actually think more about what you’re reading and writing. So we encourage you to try journaling to better process what you’ve read.

Below is a tool you can use called S.O.A.P. to help you journal as you read the Bible.


Scripture  Write the main scripture or scriptures that stand out to you.


Observation – Write down any observations you have about the scriptures.


Application – Write how the scriptures can be applied to your own life.


Prayer – Write out a brief prayer concerning these scriptures.